Retired school teacher opposes state taxation of pensions

To the Editor,I am a retired teacher. When I retired two years ago, I weighted very closely what my income would be when I retired. After checking and double checking my wife and I decided that we could survive on my pension and in two years start to collect Social Security. We were doing okay until the State of Michigan passed legislation and started taxing my pension in 2012 and in 2013 will increase what I pay for my health insurance.Representative Nancy Jenkins and the Republican Party claim that they “have cut the state income tax” and “will save the Michigan tax payers $1 billion over the next three years.”Over the next three years Representative Nancy Jenkins’ decision to vote to tax our income will cost my family $5,860.80 in income tax and over $5,310.36 in increased health insurance premiums. I would hate to see what it would be if they decided to raise taxes. Oh, I guess I am.My wife and I have always contributed to many local charities. We now find ourselves telling these charities that we can no longer contribute to their causes.This is the fact for just one retired family in the State of Michigan. Now multiply that by tens of thousands of retired families in the State of Michigan. Representative Nancy Jenkins “NO GIMMICKS” approach has cost many Michigan families a great deal.Oh that cut in the state income tax has not been passed in the state Senate nor signed into law.We need to keep Representative Nancy Jenkins home in Clayton. Send Jim Berryman to Lansing to look after our middle-class families and seniors first.Raymond J. SchmidtTecumseh

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