Retired school teacher supports Nancy Jenkins as a voice to cut spending

To the Editor,With Michigan’s present overwhelming economic problems there seems to be no easy solutions. Our unemployment figures hit us as cold hard facts but looking below the surface we find some who have lost their IRA’s, for some benefits have been cut or eliminated leaving many devastated, jobless, depressed, and bankrupt. Some people have left the state for no longer can they depend on any help. Raising taxes makes it even harder on families and businesses so this method doesn’t help in getting Michigan out of the red.Speaking as a public school teacher who retired when salaries were much less at the time, I have found continuing cuts in my health benefits and expect even more cuts in the future. Present day teachers are now seeing their benefits spiralling down, down. At least for those working now, they are employed. Some hope the state will be able to help them but the money is no longer there and hasn’t been for some time.Nancy Jenkins shows that she has studied the issues thoroughly, has been aggressive, and conscientious about her voting which she does with candor so constituents know what she is doing and why. Her votes to cut spending are not always popular but it needs to be done so Michigan can operate with the money it has and not on borrowed money. It will take sacrifices from everyone to get back into the black. Ms. Jenkins has a demanding job and has worked with perseverance for the best interest of Michigan residents. With her education, training, and foresight she can see down the road and do her best to avoid more serious future problems. We need only look at Greece and Spain to see what could be our future. Besides that I am sure we don’t want to see enemy inflation squatting on our doorsteps. Let’s help her continue her good track record by keeping her in office. She has my vote. Margery NeurothBlissfield

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