Romney’s values, character are more Presidential

To the Editor;In Pat Zuidema’s 10/29 letter, he was right about something —our next President must have values, honesty, and “character worthy of the White House.” So, Pat, where was that character and leadership when four brave Americans were murdered in Libya? Where was the honesty as Obama’s team conspired to cover it up? Where is the “international respect” you say Obama has? Under attack, on fire in the Middle East.Where is the transparency in Obama’s shadowy past, where his education records from kindergarten through Harvard are sealed, his Social Security number may be fraudulent, and where his grandparents were avowed Socialists? How about his association with U.S. terrorist Bill Ayers and anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright? Or relationships with known Communists like Van Jones, his disgraced green jobs czar? Or congratulating Hugo Chavez on his Socialist victory, and whispering to Russia’s president that he can be “more flexible” after the election? And don’t forget, Obama says America is NOT a Christian nation! Who exactly is Barack Obama? What really ARE his values? His record and relationships speak loudly and clearly!And Pat, how has he improved lives of women or the middle class? 3.5 million more women in poverty; family income down $5,000; gas prices doubled; 43 months of unemployment >8 percent, 11-15 percent among minorities; 12 million more citizens on food stamps; Chrysler owned by foreigners, rumored to be moving Jeep to China; $6 trillion in new debt.Your President is a dismal failure, Pat. But you still continue the old jealousy/class warfare nonsense, against the cleanest Presidential candidate in recent memory. Mr. Romney and Paul Ryan have heartland values and character that Obama sorely lacks. Check the facts, voters; our country is clearly worse off with this administration. Do you really want four more years of this? Mr. Romney has demonstrated the “character worthy of the White House.” Reward him with your vote, and help restore American greatness and worldwide respect once again!Mark MadisonTecumseh

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