Self-proclaimed antichrist to perform at MIS

West Nile Virus has put one heck of a scare in me, it being the end of the world and all, after hearing from a close friend in Ohio who was diagnosed with the new form of plague, so I checked the facts, online, to calm my rabid mind and found out some rather shocking facts I thought you should be aware of. I will be wearing a lot of mosquito repellent in the future and investing in a nice smelling version and I suggest you do the same. Googling the subject brings up a variety of information including the fact that a new, Revelations 9.1.1, version of lab created biting mosquito has been created and released to handle the already Satan like bugs chewing on our foreheads. An article from The Wall Street Journal, dated 10.31.11, by Gautam Naik, says that thousands of lab-made “death gene” carrying mosquitoes were released to see if Dengue fever carrying mosquitoes could be killed off on Grand Cayman Island, only 361 miles or so as a crow flies, from Key West Florida [Add another 1,226 miles and those buggers are biting folks in Detroit].Three million, three hundred thousand males [double that and add just six more and we have a much bigger problem] were released upon the island to breed with females to kill them off. Everything worked to perfection. Only problem? Three and a half percent of the abominations survived.“It raises the Frankenstein issue,” Dr. Todd Shelly, of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was quoted as saying in the article, “because no one knows whether these transgenic adults could change the biology of the native population.”No one knows what might happen if a person gets bitten by a “transgenic” mosquito. I think we’re beginning to find out. My friend was in and out of emergency rooms for two weeks and has not yet fully recovered from one nasty bite. Pray for her — and me.Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, apocalypse. Kid Rock is the Grand Marshall this August at Michigan International Speedway, the hottest and fastest race track in NASCAR. What else can I say about that? — He has been known to use a confederate flag in his concerts, which upsets members of the NAACP.The featured band at Michigan International Speedway’s August NASCAR weekend, the Romantics — “What I like about you, you hold me tight… really know how to dance… woooooo!” The old school Detroit band will be backed by the, get this, an end of the world believing band, Fuel. The group’s website,, introduces the world to the group with its lead vocalist, Brett Scallions, touting, “Hey, all you beautiful Fuelies! Well, here we are in the final year of the Mayan calendar. As some of you know, they have predicted the world to come to an end on December 21st of this year. That happens to also be my birthday so I must be the antichrist. Funny. I always knew there was a special purpose for me. As we may be in our final days the best thing to do is make the best year we have all ever seen.”Ok then Lucifer. The end of the world fun doesn’t end there. The third band of the evening, The Last Nova 37.77 º N. 122.41 º W [not sure what that’s all about but I’m sure it’s not good] had a Billboard Charts 100 Hot Single Sales Top 10, at No. 6, with the popular song “Wasted.”The final band after the VFW 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race is appropriately called, Ghosts of August. The group’s Facebook page highlights the group’s debut single, “Disease,” proclaiming it landed No. 41 on the Active Rock Charts. The Bio goes on saying the group aims to continue climbing the mountain with their second single release, “Scars.”Should be one hell of a Budweiser Acceleration Concert on Aug. 18! I’ll definitely be praying for drivers behind the wheel that weekend.

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