Sexuality ‘isn’t a commodity of the media,’ as columnist suggests

To the Editor,I read Jill Pertler’s “Slices of Life” column in the Monday, Feb. 11, 2013, edition of the Tecumseh Herald. I was filled with disgust? Outrage? Shock? All I know is she enjoys using question marks as a literary device . . .? See what I did there? Good.From Pertler’s soapbox of self described “infinite naivety,” or lack of sophistication and worldliness for those who aren’t thesaurus-whores, she preaches about the awkwardness of blossoming sexuality in American society — like it is a bad thing.The blatant sexulization of America isn’t a commodity of the media, but an offspring of our society’s increasing acceptance of the human body’s natural evolutionary functions of attraction, mating, and reproduction.No matter how sheltered the children are, because remember we must protect the children from the unforeseen naughtiness of nature, they will naturally kiss, lick, touch, poke, prod and penetrate themselves and each other whether Beyoncé is on TV or not. It’s not the media — it’s biology.Pole dancing, a target of Pertler’s for some unknown reason, is not only a subset of a performing art, regardless of its presence in gentlemen’s clubs, is one of the healthiest, hardest and most athletic styles of dancing currently known. There is a reason why many gyms are teaching this as a workout.It’s sad that negativity surrounds the art form in today’s age. To perform at the level of a pole dancer, one must achieve far greater coordination, skill, balance, and muscle strength than a typical choreographed staged dancerGranted, Pertler herself said she is quite narrow minded on most subjects anyway — “infinite naivety” — a necessary requirement for a nationwide syndicated columnist who spews her views to the masses. I agree that everyone has rights to watch family friendly content on television, though everyone also has a right to change the channel, too. On Pertler’s “Slices of Life” Facebook page she said, “I am a woman living in a house with four guys. I never get access to the remote!” There isn’t a problem with primetime television, the problem lies in her family dynamics.Not even she can fight biology. Anthony AlanizTecumseh

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