South Occidental, Maumee Streets on city project’s ‘fix’ list this year

As the temperatures fall and rise and fall again, residents are aware of how the weather can affect the city’s streets with potholes opening up in unexpected places. When summer rolls around, Tecumseh anticipates major road projects on South Occidental and Maumee Streets this year, but the city workers have already been on the job filling in potholes this week.“We’ve had crews out there for the past three days taking care of some of those,” said Tim Bock, Superintendent of the Department of Public Works. “It’s supposed to get cold again, but when it thaws again, we’ll be back out there.” The city has received a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) grant totaling $363,500 to cover construction projects on South Occidental and Maumee Streets sometime this summer. The city’s match on the project is $90,875.Bock said the street projects would involve milling off the top layer of asphalt and putting down a fresh layer. “With North Occidental, the road was pulverized to the base and we’re not doing that with these projects,” said Bock, who added that the North Occidental project was more of a “long term” fix. “This is cheaper per square foot so we can cover more ground.” He pointed out similar work had been done on Russell Road from Mill Street to Union Street a couple years ago, and also a project on N. Evans from the bridge to the city limits.“This extends the life of the road and helps us cover more of the city’s streets to help keep them maintained,” he said.Some curbs that need to be replaced will also be a part of the project, Bock said. The work is still in the bidding process at the state level, so a start date has not yet been set, but it would likely be sometime this summer. Bock also said he anticipates that there might be one-way traffic some of the time while the work is being done, but not to the extent that there were long stretches of one-way only traffic during the North Occidental project. A McDonalds site plan was approved on Feb. 12 that included a new Occidental exit and entrance for the restaurant. That work is expected to take place sometime in the spring.“Our hope is their project should be completed before we start ours,” Bock said.The Lenawee County Road Commission recently approved plans that would include resurfacing a 10-mile portion of Rogers Highway from Tecumseh to Palmyra late in the summer. Occidental Highway, in Raisin Township, is currently being maintained with patching since the road was not eligible for federal funds for resurfacing.

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