State Representative not doing enough to help county roads

To the Editor,The Republicans control all branches of government in Lansing, so if they wanted to fix and maintain our roads, they could have passed a roads plan. Instead, Republican leadership simply dropped the ball. They gave up trying to get their own party members to vote to spend money to fix and maintain our roads. What happened? Well, we have a great example with our own State Representative, Nancy Jenkins. She just doesn’t care about the needs of Lenawee County. Our roads are crumbling, and we’re spending taxpayer dollars to give her a nice salary doing… what again is she doing? Listen to this: she spent the weekend before the final week of session enjoying an antique tractor show and fishing, according to her Facebook page. Wow, Nancy, you caught a four inch fish, spent all day at the lake, sat on some old tractors, and you didn’t bother to focus any effort on what your constituents are begging you to do. Instead of taking the weekend off, she should have been working with her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find a bipartisan solution to fixing our roads.But clearly Rep. Jenkins didn’t think the roads were that important, so she took a pre-vacation vacation; the Legislature broke for a three-month summer siesta literally days after her little lakeside retreat. Now too many people will continue sinking hundreds of dollars into car repairs every few months because of pothole damage to their cars. Republican legislators are in Lansing to be part of the solution, but instead they’ve created more problems by refusing to fix our roads. It’s time to send Nancy Jenkins home for good and elect a legislator who will solve problems and fix our roads.Gregory KrosnowskiTecumseh

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