Supports bill to give school districts power to decide gun issue

To the Editor,I applaud the Daily Telegram for its position as expressed Sunday, March 2, in “Our View,” page A8. The article recognized the vulnerability and danger to the schools because of the laws in Michigan that prohibit the concealed carry of firearms on or in the school property even by trained and qualified holders of concealed pistol licenses. Perpetrators of mayhem have no fear of resistance from within the schools.As does the Daily Telegram, I support (HB 4098) that would allow the individual school districts the authority to decide whether or not to allow certain staff members or others to carry concealed weapons. This bill was introduced in early January and is sitting in the “Education Committee.” The bill needs to be approved in committee, moved through the legislature, and signed by the Governor.If you are interested in protection for the children, teachers, and other school employees, I would urge you to contact Ben Cook, Clerk of the Education Committee at 517.373.2002,; or the Chair of the Education Committee, Lisa Posthumus Lyons at 517.373.0846 Ask for action on HB 4098 to move it out of committee for a full House vote. The children need to be protected.Larry KeckSand Creek

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