Supports Gayle Keiser’s candidacy to Lenawee County Commission

To the Editor,Gayle Keiser is the candidate I am casting my ballot for in the upcoming elections for county commissioner (Tecumseh Township and Tecumseh). Many people do not know the importance of county commissioners, whose job it is to work with the county budget. Gayle Keiser has scrutinized the entire budget! Has your elected commissioner read the entire budget?Gayle would like to see county commissioners hold evening meetings, so that the public is more able to attend, rather than having day meetings that are sometimes difficult for the public to get to.Gayle Keiser has a background as an independent businessperson. She knows the trials and tribulations that fall to independent businesses, and how important the political tone of a community plays in maintaining the greatest benefits for its business partnerships.Gayle’s main objective is in protecting public safety, in large part by maintaining an effective sheriff’s department. Our current sheriff’s department is understaffed, and Gayle knows how important it is for a department such as the sheriff to have adequate coverage.Gayle Keiser believes in ethical, cost efficient, common sense leadership, which are the reasons I am supporting her for county commissioner in Lenawee County.Judy SeigneurTecumseh

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