Suspicion confirmed

To the Editor,From Mitt Romney’s mouth to the voters ears. From behind closed doors Mitt Romney has confirmed our suspicions of what is really in his heart. He clearly stated, “It’s not my job to worry about” or care about 47 percent of this country. As a man born into wealth and worth a half billion dollars he has no understanding of the struggles of half the population of this country.Who exactly make up the 47 percent that he considers “victims” and don’t pay any Federal Income Taxes, many of which are his own supporters?• Sixty-one percent of that 47 percent are actually the working poor and working middle class who get child care credits and earned income credits. They do however pay payroll taxes and state and local taxes.• Senior citizens don’t pay taxes on Social Security that they paid into all their working lives• Four thousand people who make more than a million dollars pay no Federal taxes due to tax loopholes • Active military who don’t pay taxes while serving our country• Disabled and wounded veterans• Long-term unemployed and those whose jobs were sent overseas by venture capitalists• The mentally and physically disabled• StudentsThe tax plan Mitt Romney is proposing would actually raise the current taxes and create new taxes for this 47 percent of the population at the same time giving himself and his wealthy friends huge new tax cuts. Instead of more tax cuts for the wealthy let’s create jobs that pay more taxes. In the last 52 years 24 years with the Democrats 42 million jobs were created and in 28 years the Republicans only added 24 million jobs. The Democrats are the better job creators. Under President Obama we have had 30 months of job creation. Prominent economists have said if we did nothing else, regardless of who is president, the groundwork has been laid to create 12 million new jobs in the next few years.The person we put into the White House has to care about and want to improve and protect the lives of all the people in this country not just the wealthy friends he feels free to bare his soul to behind closed doors. The arrogant and condescending tone of his comments showed contempt and disdain for all those who struggle every day to improve their lives and pay their bills. I am so glad he showed his true self to us before we go to the polls. President Obama has shown he wants to create opportunities that lift up the Middle Class and the poor for a brighter future.Pat ZuidemaAdrian

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