T-shirt sales benefitted cystic fibrosis, not cancer

To the Editor,An error was made in last night’s paper [May 23, 2013] that to some might seem small but to others like me is grievous! I have had the privilege of meeting Katie Martin on three different occasions. Katie, like my youngest daughter Ashley, suffers from cystic fibrosis. It was a chance meeting the first time. At that time Katie was selling rubber bracelets for the benefit of cystic fibrosis and I bought several from her and came back again as I needed more. So although I cannot claim her as a close friend I do consider her a kindred spirit of mine since both she and my daughter are battling cystic fibrosis!My wife who works at the school bought one of the T-shirts from her. It read “Together we can accomplish anything” and it was for the benefit of Cystic Fibrosis! Not cancer as the caption reads. The headline quoted the T-shirt but the message was obviously lost by the reporter. I applaud Katie for her stamina and her constant battle of the disease! She also works hard to raise money to find a cure for CF.I truly don’t care if you print this letter in the paper. The most important thing is I think you have done a great dishonor to young Katie and an official apology should be offered. My guess is I won’t be the only one you hear from in this regard! But I truly think an immediate correction and apology should be made! Maybe a contribution to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in her name?Barry HartmannTecumseh(Editor’s note: The Herald apologizes for the error. The mistake was certainly unintentional and not meant to discriminate between Cystic Fibrosis and cancer.)

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