Tecumseh is ‘exceptional community’

To the Editor,In 1994 I mentioned to a co-worker that my wife and I were looking to relocate. He suggested we visit Tecumseh and just walk around to get an idea of the small town atmosphere. He recommended we pickup a newspaper and pay particular attention to the community’s devotion toward the well being of the youth and concern for family values. He also said I won’t walk more than one block and total stranger will offer an informal greeting. So we took his advice and he was spot on with his predictions. In 1995 we moved to Tecumseh and twenty years later we have raised two kids here, educated them through the Tecumseh Public Schools and participated in multiple community programs and teams, along the way creating friendships and acquaintances with people of the highest integrity and pride for their community I could ever come to know.However, I’m writing today to let the people of Tecumseh know they have out done themselves with the outpouring of support, kindness and genuine sincerity in response to the passing of Dakota Gonzales and Curt Orlowski on July 3. Being close friends with the Orlowski’s, my wife and I stood by the family through the immediate shock of this tragic accident and the events that followed. People came from far and wide to say goodbye to the two young men and to help in anyway they could. From July 4 to July 12 when the final arrangements were carried out, I lost count of how many times people from outside the town commented on the enormity of the community’s response to help and support the families. They saw the continuous flow of people that came out for the visitations and funerals; the numbers at the candle light vigil just to say goodbye; the food, flowers, gifts and totally overwhelming monetary support to create scholarship funds in their names. With beaming pride, I told them of the reasons that drew us to settle in Tecumseh in 1995 and that we have attended events such as this for other families as well. But you don’t really get an idea for the magnitude of the impact that the people of Tecumseh can have on a family until you’re near the center of it all. Both families commented to me how overwhelming the support has been for them and the sincere appreciation they have. Personally, I think Curt and Dakota absorbed that spirit of Tecumseh and reflected it back in their daily lives of giving, part of which made them the special young men that they were.And so, the people of Tecumseh have once again out performed any expectations whatsoever and undoubtedly helped two families through something that neither of them should have had to endure.You can’t imagine how that helps a family through something like this, just knowing your neighbors are there for you. It seems like a small thing, but it really isn’t. Tecumseh’s devotion towards youth and family still reigns strong as ever… and with the most sincere and genuine appreciation, I thank you for that.Tecumseh is truly an “exceptional community.”Joe and Michelle Braunschneider

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