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To the Editor, I am writing to thank everyone who contributed to my recent campaign to represent District 7 on the Lenawee County Board of Commissioners. Despite the odds against us we were able to run a clean, strong campaign based on ideas and change for the future. While I did not win the election, I learned so much from talking to voters in Blissfield, Britton, Deerfield, Ogden, Palmyra, Ridgeway, and Riga. During the hours we spent combing the countryside going door to door we had the opportunity to listen to the challenges facing our district in Lenawee County. I must also say that I deeply admire our local elected village and township trustees, clerks, treasurers, and supervisors who warmly welcomed me to their meetings where I witnessed hard-working officials doing the best they can with the resources they have. Our village and township leaders are unsung heroes who work into the late hours to ensure that our communities are decent places to live and work. I am so proud to be a resident of District 7.I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my wife Denise, brother and campaign manager Norm, Ma, Arnold Harper, Larry Richardson, Mr. Mike Clement and Mr. Doug Spade, Gayle Keiser, Mr. Mike Gilson, Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Karen Baldwin, Mr. Harvey Schmidt, The International Brotherhoood of Electrical Workers Local 8 (Charlie Condon), Reverend Linda Farley, Reverend Chris Brundage, Mrs. Geraldene Drefke, Mrs. Carol Reis, Mrs. Suzanne Waigle, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Witt, Mr. and Mrs. David and Darla (Libstaff) Flint, Mr. Dennis Libstaff, Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Kathy Griffith, Misty and the Stace Family, the Coney Coffee Clatch, Ms. Shelby Jean Raines, Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Kathy Whitner and Family (especially Spencer), Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Christine Silwester and Family (especially Jack and Amy), the entire parish family of Christ the Redeemer in Adrian and The Lenawee County Democratic Party. Eric May and Melissa Burnor (Blissfield Advance) were also extremely helpful, professional and courteous as were the good folks at the Tecumseh Herald, the Adrian Telegram, Stone Hawk Tees, USA Graphics, Summit Signs, Staples, and Integrity Communications. Thank you all so very much and may God bless America!The Reverend Paul Wayne BenjaminBlissfield

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