Thanks to Rep. Nancy Jenkins for vote on Medicaid expansion

To the Editor, I would like to thank State Representative Nancy Jenkins for her principled vote to stop Medicaid expansion in Michigan and thus prevent the establishment of this part of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) in our state. Her courageous vote in opposition to this unaffordable and unsustainable overreach by the federal government demonstrates her commitment to states’ rights, small government, and fiscal responsibility. She was not lured by the offer of money by the hopelessly indebted federal government to fund and supplement this expansion, nor did she cave to the pressure applied by the majority of her fellow House members.Representative Jenkins is already considering Medicaid reforms that would better serve our citizens who are truly in need of government assistance should the Michigan Senate do the right thing by defeating the Medicaid expansion. She is fully aware of the severe increases in the cost of health care insurance that have taken place in spite of the promise by President Obama and his administration that those costs would go down with the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act.I also want to thank Representative Jenkins for her sensitivity to the needs of our veterans and for her bill that was passed and signed into law that provides quicker, better service for them.Representative Jenkins has lived up to the values and principle that she claims to embrace and for that she deserves our support.Larry KeckSand Creek

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