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To the Editor,

Good evening!  I’m writing to you from the Southern Sierra region of Ecuador, near the Peruvian border, where I’m currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Part of my job with Peace Corps is to facilitate cultural exchange and understanding between Americans and host country nationals, and to that end, I maintain a blog about my adventures,  The rest of my work here is to teach about, and encourage, sustainable agricultural practices and irrigation systems in the border region of Ecuador.

In my blog, I recount what’s going on in my vida ecuadoriana.  I lived with a host family outside the northern city of Cayambe for the past two months while undergoing Peace Corps training, and my blog posts are about my impressions of life in the northern Andes.  I moved to Loja province in southern Ecuador after swearing in as a volunteer on the 22nd of April and will live there for the next two years.  My posts are changing from tales of training to tales of life in the Ecuadorian campo.  Lenawee county residents will probably enjoy a story of a piglet vaccination here in Loja that took me back to a childhood trip to the Lenawee County Fair.

A bit about myself:  I was born in Ann Arbor to Tecumseh residents Jack and Joanne O’Leary and attended Tecumseh Public Schools from kindergarten until graduation in 2004.  I am a civil engineer by profession and worked in Detroit until I departed for Peace Corps Ecuador in February.  My program in Ecuador is called Sustainable Agriculture and my job title is Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.

As a Tecumseh native and lifelong Michigan resident, I would like to share my experiences in Ecuador with the people and places I know best – chiefly Southeast Michigan, and Tecumseh in particular.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity the Herald provides to expand the number of people who can share in my adventure.

Allison O’Leary

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