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Tecumseh Public Schools held a Strategic Planning kick-off meeting with its Goal Leaders on Tuesday, Oct. 29. Goal Leaders have been assigned responsibility for guiding the development of 10 goals that came out of a community-wide planning session the district held in August. Goal Leaders, primarily made up of district teachers, learned more about the process at the session and are now actively recruiting committee members, including those interested from the community, to serve on developing and implementing strategies for each of the identified subject areas. “People have seen me excited about this, because I’ve seen the power of having everyone on the same page and how that can impact an organization,” said Supt. Kelly Coffin, who was engaged in the strategic planning process at the Lenawee Intermediate School District. She told the Goal Leaders, “You are the ones who will help lead that. We have a much better chance of getting there if we follow through on these initiatives.”At the meeting, the group viewed a video called “How Great leaders Inspire” with Simon Sinek, who described how people such as Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers, and organizations such as Apple have succeeded where others with similar backgrounds did not. Sinek said it’s important to know why something is being done first, not just how and what, saying a strong belief in something can inspire others.Coffin described her own “why” for the strategic planning process. “This is a good district and I want it to be a great district,” she said. “We have a great community and I want everybody who lives here to be the recipients of the best that we can do.” She then asked those in attendance to list some of their “why’s.” “I want to work in the best district in the area,” said Kristalyn Musselman, who teaches at the high school. “I want to make it a place everybody wants to come to.”Other reasons included having Tecumseh Schools to be of the highest standards and not settle for mediocrity; making sure students are prepared for success in school and in life; fostering unity in the community, and changing some negative public perceptions. “Mostly for the children,” said Robyn Francis, who serves as principal of Herrick Park and Patterson elementary schools. “We’re here because I think they are the most important resource in our community and our world and we need to prepare them to be successful as individuals so they can go out and better the world.”The group reviewed the strategic planning process, including the fact that it is very important to listen to community stakeholders and doing the planning and implementation work together. “Some community members are excited and have been waiting for the committees to form,” said Coffin. The 10-goal areas and their leaders are: Goal 1 — Increase student enrollment, Kathy Smith; Goal 2 — Ensure that all buildings and facilities are energy efficient, adequately maintained, structurally sound, and barrier free, David Gibson; Goal 3 — Maintain relevant curriculum and technology to prepare students to live in a diverse and global society, Kristen DeLand; Goal 4 — Seek alternative sources of revenue and reduce costs by better managing where and how funds are spent, Kristalyn Musselman and Connie Purkey; Goal 5 — Create and strengthen relationships with parents, teachers, local media and community that will enhance the success of our students, Jamie Shepherd; Goal 6 — Provide high quality, ongoing and meaningful professional development for all staff, Elizabeth DuMoulin; Goal 7 — Use data purposefully to drive instruction to ensure that all students are proficient or excel in all core areas, Meghan Way; Goal 8 — Attract, recruit and retain the best administrators, teachers and support staff, Heidi Lee; Goal 9 — Assemble a “Futures Committee” focused on relevant trends in education to ensure a qualified and diverse teaching staff for optimal student achievement, Julie Cassie; and Goal 10 — Increase public awareness of points of pride through marketing, Kelly Coffin.Individuals in the community who are interested in serving on any of the committees are invited to contact Supt. Kelly Coffin at 424.7318, or email her at

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