Wimple launches campaign for 57th District seat in State House

Sharon Wimple, a Democrat from Tecumseh, launched her campaign as a candidate for the 57th District Michigan House of Representatives on Monday, April 21, at The Zone.Wimple was introduced by David Munson, who formerly headed the Lenawee Economic Development Corporation.“I’m really excited about her candidacy because she cares about some of the issues I personally care about — the need to create jobs and help small businesses get started, and issues facing seniors,” said Munson. “I’ve known her for 30 years and through her work in the community and volunteer work, she has a big body of work, lots of contacts, friends and diverse interests. For those reasons I don’t think you could have a better candidate for 57th District Representative.”Wimple has worked for years in health care administration at senior living facilities, and as an associate for Anderson Funeral Home. She’s been active in the community through Rotary, Junior Achievement, and Kiwanis. She also volunteers with church groups and other service organizations.“From my work in health care administration with senior citizens, I’ve seen firsthand the hardship that the new retirement tax has caused seniors, and the financial uncertainty that lost tax deductions and credits have caused families,” said Wimple. She added that Lansing politicians are out of touch with what really matters to regular people, and used a common theme throughout her campaign speech: “we deserve better.”“I want to be your voice in our legislature, because I feel our voice is not always heard,” said Wimple. She quoted former U.S. Secretary of State, noting that, “One of the best ways to persuade others is to use your ears,” and said she would listen to the people she represents.Wimple is married to Ron Wimple, who serves on Tecumseh City Council and they have raised three children who went through Tecumseh Public Schools. She said she is concerned about continual funding being cut from schools which affects adequate preparation for the future. She is also concerned about the fact that even young people who obtain college degrees, like her children did, have to leave Michigan to find jobs in their fields.“Instead of being on our side doing what’s best for our state and our community, Nancy Jenkins [current State Representative for the 57th District] voted for these tax changes that benefit big corporations and haven’t helped young people in our local schools, the unemployed, or underemployed to find any new jobs,” Wimple said. “We deserve better from Lansing. We need jobs here in Michigan so they have options to stay here. Families need relief from taxes making it harder to save for children’s education, retirement, and to keep up with everyday costs of living that keep rising.” She also points out that many seniors who have reached retirement age find themselves “getting the rug pulled out from under them at the last moment” after working hard and saving for a decent retirement. “They need that money. It’s not right. It’s not just,” she said. “In Lansing, I will fight to repair the damage of an unfair tax.”Wimple said she has lived for 40 years in the Tecumseh community and has observed her husband, Ron, working as a Tecumseh councilman dealing with dwindling revenues as communities have to stretch dollars just to have police and fire protection, parks and other services.“We need to get Michigan moving in the right direction — forward and upward — and that’s why I’m running to be your next state representative for Lenawee County,” Wimple said. “With your help we can turn Michigan around. We have so much here. I’m excited for this new future, this adventure. But we have to remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Let us plan together. We can do this.”

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