To the Editor,

Election Day 2008 is just weeks away.  Please encourage all Tecumseh citizens to prepare for November 4, and at the same time, involve their children, neighbors, and friends in a discussion of the issues that are important to them at this time.  Here are some suggestions that are working for us.

• Prepare a list of issues important to you.
• Re-read some historical documents (like the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution) to help frame your understanding and beliefs.
• Read a variety of editorial opinions to get as balanced a media view as possible (e.g. the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal)
• Ignore all political TV ads
We believe that both John McCain and Barack Obama are well-meaning politicians.  The difference between them is the groups of people they represent and the effect these groups will have on the direction and policies of an administration.  We will choose our candidate based on how well we perceive his ideas match up with ours.  We are certain that all our neighbors will do the same.
Examples of issues important to us:
• Education – Quality, Affordability & Access
• Health Care – Universality, Quality & Cost
• Women’s Rights – Choice & Pay
• Government Leadership in National Priorities – Energy, Infrastructure & Science
• Government Accountability – Competency, Fiscal, & Ethical
• War and the Use of Military Power – Justification, Political Goals & Veterans’ Care
We hope to be standing in line with you at the polls in November.

John Ryan

Tecumseh Herald


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