To the Editor,

Our United States Senators showed patriotic and heroic courage by passing the Tax Payer Rescue Bill.  They crossed into enemy territory to put their country first and put bi-partisanship aside.  They pushed back on the millions of insurgents who called, faxed, and emailed them to not approve the bill.  This is new, and demonstrates the change we can now believe will be common.  

Our Representatives know that their incompetence, greed, partisanship, and thirst for power caused the problem.  It has been well documented and reported that it was not Wall Street, nor Main Street which legislated the environment where money was cheap and government agencies were directed to give out high-risk loans.  In response, they all gathered together in a bi-partisan manner and passed along another $700 billion worth of debt onto you and I.  

But, they couldn't stop there.  They added more pork to the bill so the sandwich didn't smell quite as bad.  One of the many add-ons forces Health Insurers to cover mental illnesses.  Understand, any tax or expenses incurred by businesses to comply with laws like this are just passed on to you and I with higher premiums.  So, now you will pay higher medical cost so that everyone can get mental health treatment.  With this kind of representation from our elected officials, we may all need mental services.

Cast your vote on the bill by voting against all our elected officials who voted for it come November 4th.

Jim Meyers

Tecumseh Herald


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