To the Editor,

Hunting and firearms ownership rights are important issues to citizens of Michigan’s Seventh Congressional District.  Congressman Tim Walberg has a solid and consistent pro-gun and pro-hunting voting record on these issues. As State Representative, Walberg voted for Michigan’s shall-issue concealed carry law.  In Washington, he signed the Congressional brief supporting the Heller case in the US Supreme Court, which affirmed that the Second Amendment is an individual right.  Walberg is “A” rated and endorsed by the NRA.

His opponent, anti-gunner Mark Schauer, cannot be trusted. Schauer was originally elected State Representative with the help of hunters and shooters when he pledged to support concealed carry reform efforts.  Schauer promptly betrayed this support by voting to deny average Michiganders the right to carry a sidearm for personal self-defense.  He is endorsed by anti-hunting and radical animal rights groups. Schauer refused to answer NRA’s questionnaire for 2008.  Responses to NRA’s 2006 questionnaire show he supports the gun-control agenda of anti-gunners Obama and Biden. Schauer is rated “D+” by NRA.

For hunters and gun owners in Michigan’s Seventh District, the choice is clear.  To defend freedom and gun ownership rights, re-elect Tim Walberg to Congress.

David G. Coy
Member – Board of Directors
National Rifle Association of America

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