Hello readers,

I'm starting a new blog on this here Tecumseh Herald website that will be an off-shoot of my regular column, which appears every other week. I'm getting my feet wet here in cyberspace, so bear with me.

As I mentioned before, I'm a columnist for the Tecumseh Herald as well as a reporter. What you won't see here in this space is my column. What you will see here is things that happen throughout the two weeks in between when my column runs—as if you didn't already get enough of me from that. I just thought I'd experiment with this new medium. It's like if I were a painter, but suddenly I wanted to give charcoal a try. Okay, it's really not like that. Anyway, it might give you a taste of what you are missing by not getting the Herald, or not.

I'll play around with making this look pretty—or some interpretation of the word pretty. That's if I can figure all these buttons out. Where are the emoticons? I would have used a smiley face if I'd had an emoticon.

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