To the Editor,

Lenawee County is blessed in so many ways, particularly in the area of volunteerism.  There are numerous opportunities that cover a spectrum of interests.

The Lenawee Great Start Collaborative is a group of mostly volunteers focused on zero to five year olds whose future is greatly influenced by the environment they experience during those early years.  As a member of the Collaborative I have come to better understand the vital difference made developmentally for children whose early childhood years include an environment of learning, love and nurturing from parents and caregivers.  
The learning process can not begin too early if we want our future generations to succeed exponentially and lead the global economy in the right direction.  

Through my work I have the opportunity to work with several local high schools to do mock employment interviews with juniors and seniors.  One of the questions posed is, “If you could start your life over, what one thing would you do differently?”  On many occasions the answer has been a very somber one.  “I would have taken my education more seriously at a much younger age.”

If our community comes together to make children an urgent priority, we can change that answer and change the future.  

Susan Smith

Tecumseh Herald


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