Past inspections of bleachers overlooked, timing coincidental

To the Editor,
Are you kidding me?  It blows my mind that all of a sudden these bleachers are found to be unsafe.  Where were the inspections two, three, or even five years ago?  After viewing the photos of the bleachers, it is obivous this has been an ongoing problem.  A problem that was overlooked by the people responsible for inspecting the bleachers.  What a coincidence that the facility inspection was done after the May 2008 vote.  It is sad to think that even after the people voted this proposal down somehow it still goes through.
What are the costs associated with the new concession stand, new restrooms, new pole vault area, maintenance costs?  None of these costs are even discussed at this point.  When are they being put on the table?

The fact that this new complex is going to a vote on Monday, speaks volumes for the people leading the charge.  This is not Saline, or Chelsea.  It is Tecumseh, and we don’t need a 2.1 million dollar athletic facility.  It sounds like Tecumseh is heading in the wrong direction with the new sports complex.

Eric Harris
Class of 2000
Baltimore, MD

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