Communities In Schools (CISTA) benefits students

To the Editor,

As a lifelong resident, teacher in our district and parent of three that attend Tecumseh Public Schools, I would like to share how Communities In Schools of the Tecumseh Area (CISTA) has greatly impacted my life, the students I teach and my children’s education.
I feel that Tecumseh is a quaint town that is safe and offers families security and comfort in knowing that there are programs such as CISTA that support teachers in their daily routine of teaching.  The volunteers that are involved in this program are successful role models for children in today’s society.  Having lived in Tecumseh all of my life, I am proud to be a community member that has such a program that makes our town all the better to live in.

As a teacher, I am grateful for the many opportunities and learning experiences that CISTA brings to my classroom.   For seven years I have had the privilege of having a rolling reader come to my classroom to share the love of reading with my students.  After school programs, like Little Grace and Charm and the ABC refresher course are available to students, at little cost or free of charge.  Each grade level in every school has the opportunity to benefit from a program that Communities In Schools of the Tecumseh Area offers.  Trained professionals work closely to meet the needs of both the students and teachers.  

My own children have had positive experiences in school with the many programs CISTA offers.  As a parent, I take comfort in knowing that my children are exposed to quality education with ongoing support through such programs as Communities In Schools of the Tecumseh Area.  The motto of the national CIS program, “Help Keep Kids in School and Prepare for Life” is one that all parents should appreciate.

Supporting this non-profit organization, CISTA, and the students it serves is vital for the continued success of this program.  Please remember Communities In Schools of the Tecumseh Area is dependent upon community support.

I am looking forward to attending The Art Affair at Tecumseh Country Club. The upcoming event will be this Thursday, Aug. 27, from 7-9 p.m.  

Please come to see the local artists’ work and appreciate what CISTA does for our children.   

Melissa Hilton

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