‘Once a Redskin, always a Redskin,’ CHS alum says

To the Editor,

The current debate about the Clinton Redskin mascot by the Geiger girls reaches far beyond the borders of the village.

Watch out Tecumseh, they may be coming for you next!  You have an Indian as your school mascot.  The City of Tecumseh uses an Indian head on all of its signage and literature.  Should the city be renamed “Musgrove Evansville?”  Should all of the streets that bear Indian names be renamed?

This request to change a mascot is just the tip of an iceberg.  Next, some animal rights group is going to say that schools can’t have Panthers, Tigers, Wildcats or Bulldogs because they are being portrayed too viciously!  Must all mascot names be benign Maple Leafs, Blue Streaks or Patriots?  I am sure someone, somewhere down the line will come up with an opposition to those seemingly “safe” names, too.

Some of the best times of my life were had in the Clinton Community School district.  I was proud to be a Redskin and represent my school in academics, athletics and choir.  My teachers and coaches promoted teamwork, pride, strength of character and the desire to do your best at all times.  They did not promote any type of racism or negativity in the promotion of our Redskin school mascot.  Our Chief does not represent a negative stereotype of Native American heritage.  He was and is always meant to instill pride of self, school and community; both on and off the athletic field and into our daily lives.

It is just an opinion, but I get the feeling that the Geiger girls may not have had such a good time while they were students at CHS. Could this attack on the mascot simply be a way to get back at a school system and student body that they feel somehow wronged or mistreated them?  Are they trying to get even somehow?

What’s next after the assault on high school mascots? College teams?  The semi pro and then pro teams? 

When the Native American groups talk about “white people” don’t understand this, or “the white man” is interpreting that wrong, I could take that as racism… Last time I looked, I was not “white.”   Actually, I am kind of “peachy” in color; my husband is more “tan,” so what gives you the right to call us “white?” What do you know about our individual heritage? Some of us “white people” actually have Native American heritage. Yet, you feel free to lump us all into one racial group.  Crazy, huh? This political correctness can get out of hand very fast!

I will be in attendance Thursday, April 29, 7:07 p.m. at Clinton High School to show my support of the Clinton School Board and Clinton Community Schools.
Once A Redskin, always a Redskin!

Diana Roney
CHS alumni

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