Cristina's friend writes love letters to Michigan

My friend Phoenix Hatch has started a blog called Dear Michigan, From New York, With Love. He writes love letters to his love (another friend of mine) and to Michigan where his love lives. What I find compelling about these little pieces is that they paint a picture of my home state—my Michigan, our Michigan—in such a beautiful way that it makes me sad and happy all at once. It makes me sad that I've taken my lovely home state for granted for so long and happy that someone outside of our borders here can see the beauty through all the darkness that has surrounded us as of late.

Whenever I'm frustrated with the heaviness that we've experienced here in Michigan and all the negative news, I think about Phoenix and about seeing Michigan through someone else's eyes, someone who is longing to come here and live and work, which is counterintuitive to the exodus we've experienced lately. 

I'm not knocking anyone for leaving. We have to do what we have to do to. I'll admit that the thought has crossed my mind to leave for greener pastures at times, but there is something that makes it hard to leave. For me, it's that I want a place to call home. My family has transience in their blood. We made the leap across the pond not so long ago and then it feels like we've been rootless ever since. That's why I look with envy on those who have been rooted here in this community for generations. There always is a place to come home to.

Something in Phoenix's words reminds me that Michigan is my home, reminds me that there really is something to be said for long stretches of road that open up so you can see for miles, for the cool splash of fresh river water on your face, and for long lazy days on my deck watching cardinals, robins and goldfinches flit about.

Thanks Phoenix for reminding me that I love Michigan, too.

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