Cristina spends a bit of time at the 2010 Lenawee County Fair

Each year, I write a little bit about my day or days at the Lenawee County Fair. I typically end up covering a few of the events there, so I make one or two trips to the fair each year, sometimes with kids and others without.This year, I filmed the highlights of one of my trips to the Lenawee County Fair.

I went on Thursday to talk to some people for a story, but I always look around at the exhibits. I love the static exhibits, especially now that I'm more into growing my own food and making my own things than I've ever been. I'm fascinated with the baked and canned goods, because I have this urge to can at least one thing from my garden, so some winter night when I'm longing for spring and wishing for the bounty of my garden I can pull it out and know that at some point things will grow again.

I love the animals, too, and enjoy seeing the youths I typically see in the schools I cover tending to their animals and making friends with 4-H members from all over Lenawee County. 

My first stop was the rabbit barn, where I was sure to find Tecumseh resident Nancy Pape-Findley. I run into her every year at the fair at least once. Her son, Aaron, was gracious enough to bring out his rabbit, Buck, for my video.

I also visited the birthing tent, where I found a kid (baby goat) climbing on his mom's back to get a good view of what was in the next pen. It made my think of my own children and their curiosity. It was like at moment the little guy might say something like, "Hey Mom, what's over there?!"

I didn't grow up with 4-H or farms or county fairs. I have vague memories of visiting the state fair. We lived in the burbs. The only animals we ever tended to were our dog and cats and the occasional baby bird that fell from its nest. So, covering the fair is something I look forward to each year.

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