Harvey Schmidt is not a ‘tax-and-spend’ Democrat

To the Editor:

In this election year, as in all election years, we’re all being inundated with political mailings and phone calls. As a brother of Harvey Schmidt, I am most bothered by the negative generic Republican mailings and phone calls out of Lansing that try to label Harvey as a “tax-and-spend” Democrat.

Harvey Schmidt has served the people of Tecumseh for more than 20 years as a city councilman and as our mayor. As his brother, I frequently hear comments from fellow citizens of how Tecumseh has benefited from Harvey’s leadership over the years and how much Harvey and his wife Pat have given back to the city. Why do I hear this from other citizens? I hear this because Harvey Schmidt devotes his time and energy for the benefit of others and not for self-recognition. It’s because Harvey values how much the city of Tecumseh and the citizens of Lenawee County have supported him as a small business owner.

This brings me to the mailings and phone calls sent out stating that Harvey Schmidt would in some way be detriment to small businesses in the state of Michigan. As a small business owner himself, Harvey has provided employment to many and access to affordable insurance for his employees. Harvey treats employees as extended family. My brother is a very caring and giving person who only thinks of others both in his business and in any political office he may hold.

Donald L. Schmidt

Tecumseh Herald


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