Clinton victory story lost focus, separated by ‘poor journalism’

To the Editor,Possibly I have misinterpreted Mr. Alvarado’s article on 6/23/2011 about the Clinton Redskins and the Softball State Championship. Mickey Alvarado looks to have lost his focus on the reason he should have written the article. It went from reporting about the Clinton victory, to poor decisions and mistakes on what he wrote about. For example:” Tecumseh pitcher Tierney Nelson “I believe this should be Clinton pitcher. Possibly this was not a mistake? His repeated comments on Nelson, Forest and Oberst as transfers lack professionalism and “seem to have a reason to read in-between the lines and interpret” No other paper that I read commented on anything other than the game. This group of girls came together and accomplished what few have an opportunity to do in a lifetime. These two communities (Clinton and Tecumseh) have softball programs that both communities should be united in pride....not separated by poor journalism. A retraction or a clarification should be forthcoming by Mr. Alvarado.Jeff MercyClinton

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