Objects to replacement door plan at Brookside Cemetery mausoleum

To the Editor,This letter is a response to the actions of the Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch. Our beloved daughter, Raven Elisabeth Galloway, as well as an additional tomb is owned by our family in the mausoleum, with another owned by my parents, located at Brookside Cemetery. According to Mr. Welch, we as owners have no input to the replacement of a solid bronze door on a recognized historic landmark. He did not care what the families desired nor did he want input, or even entertain the idea of keeping the integrity of the building, and go with the fiscally more responsible route of having the door reconditioned to its original beauty as well as making the door easier to open. The repairs are actually fairly minor. Kevin Welch has further stopped the underground sprinklers from being installed, knowing we had asked and were given permission to plant tulip bulbs. He knows that time is of the essence for planting as well as the large expense as to the bulbs. He knows the family has laboriously worked to beautify Brookside Cemetery as that is where our beloved resides. The sprinklers were scheduled to be put in, but he stopped this action when my parents filed a lawsuit to stop this door replacement with one that resembles an ATM and knowing our desire to give this gift to our daughter, as well as all others whose loved ones who reside in the mausoleum. Mr. Welch must not realize that he is replaceable. I wonder if Mr. Welch had a loved one in the mausoleum, how would he respond. John, Elizabeth, and Rourke SolomonsonTecumseh

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