Britton Deerfield should let students vote for class officers

To the Editor,The voters of Britton and Deerfield recently made a historic vote to consolidate two school districts, in the near future the voters of the new district will decide on new school board members, and it won’t be too long before we all vote on a President. There are a lot of important votes for us to make as adults, and learning about democracy and the voting process is crucial in preparing young people to become members of a democratic society. That is why it is such a shame that Britton Deerfield High School did not let the students vote on class officers this year. This move has nothing to do with the consolidation and everything to do with excluding certain students and not trusting the students to vote the way advisers would like them to. A few class advisers taking away the right of many to vote and discriminating against some of those who would like to run for office. That is a scary scenario, especially when they are supposed to be teaching our kids about a democracy, not how to squash one.Marcus LuzierBritton

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