Hantz Group adds banking to its portfolio of services

The Hantz Group is proceeding through a series of steps that are expected to lead to opening a bank at its facilities in the former Tecumseh Country Club on Milwaukee Road. One of those steps was pursuing a revision in a Hantz Group/City of Tecumseh Development Agreement in order to add banking services. The Tecumseh Planning Commission gave that approval on Tuesday, Aug. 14. Tecumseh Building Services Director Brad Raymond refreshed the commissioners’ memories at the meeting regarding the development agreement that was approved last November.“Based on discussions with city planners, they had indicated that the building would be used for accessory use of offices and accessory use for the golf course,” Raymond said. “As part of the agreement, renovations were to be done. They have been completed and it’s very nice.” Planning Commission Chair Bob Fox said he had also visited the site since the renovations were made.“It’s outstanding what they have done,” said Fox. “There has been improvement of the country club not only as a golf course, but as a facility. The Hantz Group did nothing but top quality work and it was nicely done.” Raymond added that the company was looking to amend the agreement to offer banking services on site to Hantz Group clients. He said in his view, the intention still fit an office use designation, and that the bank would not include a drive-through and was expected to be a low-profile operation.Larry Maisner, Vice President of Operations with the Hantz Group, was present to answer questions about the request. “What we’re trying to do is to offer as full a range of comprehensive services as we can to our clients, and to that end acquired a bank a few years ago,” said Maisner. “This would just be an introduction to bank services. We’re hoping to be able to provide everything a client would need in the way of financial services, including banking services.”Maisner pointed out that fewer people actually go to a bank for face-to-face services today, but the bank would provide additional services to clients in the community. The Hantz Group has other banking facilities and plans to open more in their larger offices. He answered commissioners questions about such things as signage and security. The company expects to install two small signs that will fit in a planter at the roadway — one designating “Hantz Group” and another “Hantz Banking” — after obtaining appropriate signage approvals. He said the facility does have its own security system in place and only a small amount of cash would be kept on-site.“Our bank will not be marketed as the larger banks are,” said Maisner. “While anyone could bank there, we don’t anticipate a lot of people using it who are not already our clients.” He said the company plans to keep improving the building, and hopes to be able to offer banking services sometime in September.

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