Worries doused on new laws regarding fireworks

With a new state law that made sale, use and possession of consumer fireworks legal this year, one might have expected that citizen complaints to the police department would have been up this year. That didn’t happen in Tecumseh, however.“We really didn’t get the complaints,” said Tecumseh Police Chief Troy Stern. “We figured the new law might generate a few more complaints than what we normally had, but it didn’t. We were fairly happy with that.”Tecumseh City Council adopted amendments to the city fireworks ordinance last month in order to bring the ordinance into compliance with the new Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, which became law in January.The consumer fireworks that are legal included such items as firecrackers, Roman candles, and bottle rockets. Local units of government may enact an ordinance regulating the disbursement and use of consumer fireworks, but they cannot restrict the discharge of fireworks on the day of, preceding or the day after a national holiday.Chief Stern pointed out that those are the only times it is legal to utilize this type of fireworks within the city limits. Police will respond to complaints and investigate to ensure that everything is being done legally when they receive calls.

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