Burden of careful driving is responsibility of those behind the wheel

To the Editor,I just read J. Cole’s letter rebuking the teenager who carelessly crossed in front of the Cole vehicle. While I can sympathize with the driver’s frustration, I think we need to remind ourselves that school is back in session and that the burden for careful and caring driving is the responsibility of the owner of a 2000-pound vehicle.We all want our children to be more aware, more cautious, and more responsible — but they are still children. Their attention is scattered across a myriad array of teenage concerns — which many of us endured in our own teen years but have since forgotten. We also, in this tumultuous time, want our children to enjoy life with less fear, more joy, and greater opportunity than we did — it is the natural, vital, human family ambition.As best you can — give them a brake!John RyanTecumseh

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