Possibility of closing pool worries family

To the Editor,My daughter Karlee Marsh, has been a member of the Tecumseh Tigersharks since she was 5 years old, and this was her first year on the Middle School swim team. The thought of the pool closing causes our family a bit of distress. Not just for our daughter, but for the many other children in this community and surrounding communities who learn so much from the sport itself, as well at from Coach Sarah Eubanks and Deb Wolfe. Karlee has learned wonderful skills from swimming. Both technical as well as being part of a team. She has learned how to push herself to be better as an individual, but also the importance of being part of a team that expects from her nothing but her best. Karlee has learned the importance of staying fit, which for me makes me so proud. Many of the things that she has learned from swimming and her coaches is something that, I as a parent, could never teach her. She has learned win or lose, just do your best. She has shown herself that through hard work you can acheive awesome things, she placed 15th in the State with the Middle School swim team in the 100 free. Besides being her coaches, Sarah and Deb have given Karlee the courage to keep going and giving all that she has when her life has handed her some unpleasent events, even at 12 years old. They have been wonderful role models through a car accident that kept her father in the hospital for six months, the divorce of her parents and many other life changes. I am so thankful to both of them, as well as the assistant High School Coaches for pushing my daughter to best person and swimmer that she can be, as well as being another set of caring adults that she knows she can turn to. Please keep this pool open. So many wonderful things in this community will be missing and lost, if we lose it.Kelli RobertsTecumseh

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