To the Editor,

Last Tuesday’s Millage Election was a victory FOR NO ONE! No one rejoices.
Those of us who opposed both issues want quality schools as much as anyone.
For a person who does not like to balance her own checkbook, even I could see that the numbers did not make good sense. Debt is debt however disguised.

Congratulations to those who took the time to look at the numbers closely and report their findings to us via this letter page. Congratulations also to the young gentleman who wrote with such thoughtfulness and critical thinking skills as to why he opposed the isssues. Many of us resented the comingling of the essential with “THE WISH LIST.” For example, a truly economic alternative to changing the principals office location could be a small camera on his desk, with the door or large gathering area visible on the screen. This cost is approximately $100 and was installed in one of our local church offices by a parrishioner free of charge.

The words regarding previously scheduled repairs “we dropped the ball” were also very troubling. Those of us who grew up in an age where if we lost, abused, or broke something given to us, we then did without. Our parents could not afford to replace it. A friend recently pointed out that the clock at the front of the high school has not worked in at least 8 months. A small thing but somewhat indicative of maintenance issues. It leads me to question whether it was even necessary in the first place.

I believe quality education occurs at the most basic level — the relationship between teacher and student. This relationship can transcend many material needs. Our conference schools certainly have a larger affluent population, so their “extras” might be more prominent than ours can be.

I am a product of a Catholic high school — across the street from Notre Dame. My college prep was excellent. My parents paid taxes to support the public school system without complaint, knowing they were essential to the community well being. My husband is a product of the best public school district in Pitssburgh, PA. We are not opposed to having the best schools in the area. Just as we are not unpatriotic because we have opposed the war in Iraq.

Let us begin again and truly work together to fix what needs to be fixed and consider some items luxuries which do not seem PRUDENT when so many must do without so much in our great State of Michigan.

We can do it!

Pat Housekeeper
Former Member Citizens Committee For Tecumseh Public Schools

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