To the Editor,

Do I live in Tecumseh, OHIO?

I live in Tecumseh, MICHIGAN.  My “area of dominant influence,” as dictated to me by both the Federal Communi-cations Commission and my TV satellite provider, DirecTV is Toledo, OHIO.  My “local” channels, therefore are broadcast from Toledo, OHIO.  I cannot tell you how pleased, how overjoyed by this I am, so I won’t!

I live 45 miles from Toledo, OHIO.  I ‘get’ to watch Toledo, OHIO news.  They tell me everything I want to know, and then some, about all the crime, accidents, and happenings in Toledo, OHIO.  I learn about all the high school sporting events not only in Toledo, OHIO, but also across the great state of OHIO, with tournament results reported to me from as close as Columbus, OHIO.  I have become familiar with the inner workings of the OHIO Legislature, the movers and shakers in state politics are explaining to me why they do what they do in OHIO.  And, best of all, on Saturdays in the fall when my favorite team, Michigan, whose home is Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (25 long, long miles from my house) is playing, there are times when I cannot watch them on television.  You see, ESPN owns ABC and also the rights to Big Ten broadcasts.  If Michigan is on ABC and OHIO State is on ESPN, the “local” Toledo station will move the OHIO game to ABC, bumping Michigan off the air.  Of course, ESPN will also show the OHIO game.
My son lives in Lambertville, MICHIGAN, roughly 3 miles from the Toledo, OHIO city limits.  Just to rub salt in the wound, I’m sure, the powers that be have made his “area of dominant influence” Detroit, MICHIGAN!

I have complained to DirecTV.  They sympathize with me, sort of, and tell me it is a crime for them to change my “local” channels.  They tell me I should buy an antenna, now there’s a 21st century idea!

I would really like to know what is happening in MY state.  I would like to follow the legislature, even to watch the political ads to see what the issues are and who is running for office in MICHIGAN.  I would like to watch local sports teams, not Cleveland or, dare I say it, Columbus.  

I don’t know whose bright idea this one was, (probably the same people that made this a Verizon lata where you cannot get a Verizon signal), but it just isn’t right for the people in this area. People should complain, loud and clear, to their elected representatives from MICHIGAN.  Tell them you would have voted for them if you had known they were running for office.

Maybe the FCC and DirecTV didn’t hear that a long time ago, Toledo, MICHIGAN was given to OHIO in return for MICHIGAN getting the Upper Peninsula.  They probably were getting their local channels from Canada.

Dick Johnson
Tecumseh, MICHIGAN

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