To the Editor,

When we were told about the article written by Mickey Alvarado in last week’s paper about a leash ordinance, it made the hair on the back of our necks stand up. Yes, we are the two yellow labs swimming he writes about.

In his story he used the word control over and over. Well, let us tell you about control. We dogs are left all day long in cages and crates, in houses and yards. We live for that time in the day when our owners take us out to let us just be dogs. How could we run and sniff and swim and socialize on leashes?

My friends and I use the unmaintained path to the north of the river in Indian Trails. We rarely see anyone on the path without a dog and most are unleashed. We all have a grand time.

We believe that dog owners know when they need to leash us and when it’s okay to be off leash. To make leashing mandatory would be a dog gone shame! Why let a few naughty dogs ruin it for the rest of us.

We are barking our opinion on behalf of all our friends from the dog path, Puck, Neal, Missy, Daisy and Bailey.

Lewie and Gus Travis
(aka The Humper Boys)
Submitted with the assistance of Ginnie Travis

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