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Another blowgun dart found at Tecumseh Park (The Pit), beach closed again

Shelley Lim, the City of Tecumseh's Cultural and Leisure Services Director announced through the following press release today, Tuesday, July 22, that the beach is again closed at Tecumseh Park, The Pit.

"On Monday evening, July 21, an additional dart was discovered near the Tecumseh Park beach shoreline. In an effort to keep the public safe the beach will be closed as City staff evaluates how to proceed. The police department continues to investigate the original incident and asks anyone with information in regarding this incident to contact the police department."

Police ‘do not know’ if shooting darts violates city ordinance

What originally started as a press release announcing the reopening of Tecumseh Park (The Pit), after blowgun darts were found at the beach on June 25, has raised questions about the current state of the ongoing investigation into the incident.

The release, dated July 1, announced The Pit had been reopened “Thanks to information provided to the City of Tecumseh, the area affected by the sharp objects has been narrowed down to a small area.”

According to Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch on July 2, “a disinterested third party” narrowed down the search area.

On July 3, Welch corresponded that he had “only spoken with the attorney that represents the group. Once the entire situation is resolved and those who are involved in this actually come forward and we work out whatever it is that they may do to be held accountable, we will share that information.”

An unidentified Tecumseh Parks and Recreation employee went down to The Pit, where he or she met the attorney, David Stimpson, who highlighted the area where the darts were used.

Tecumseh Police Chief Troy Stern said Stimpson, who would only identify his clients to Stern as five 16-year-old boys, contacted him on July 15. According to Stern, Stimpson said the boys had no malicious intent.

In an email correspondence, Stern wrote that Stimpson “will not be supplying me with the names due to concerns over threats and things said via social media sites in regards to this matter.”

When pressed, Stern was reluctant to identify the attorney in email correspondence writing, “I’m hesitant in supplying this information simply because I don’t want backlash to come to the firm representing these individuals.” He did identify Stimpson at an interview on Thursday, July 17.

The boys, according to information provided to Stern from Stimpson, were down there as dusk approached shooting at a can and lost some of the darts in the darkness.

Raisin Township supervisor files harassment complaint

Raisin Township approved at the Monday, July 14, Board of Trustees meeting the hiring of attorney Richard Fanning of the Keller Thomas Law firm in Detroit to investigate a new harassment complaint filed by Township Supervisor Jay Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh recused himself from the board’s discussion of the matter.

“I recommended the board follow its harassment policy and have this matter investigated independently,” said Township Attorney David Lacasse.

“This is the first I am hearing of this,” said Trustee Debra Brousseau. “I would like more information.”

“Because the nature of this complaint has not been verified yet, it’s not something I am prepared to discuss during an open meeting,” said Lacasse. “If any of you have questions, you can contact me and I will answer any questions that you have. So the integrity of the investigation is kept, I am not comfortable discussing any specifics during an open meeting.”

The only information provided at the meeting was that the complaint came from Cavanaugh. No other parties involved were identified and no other details regarding the complaint were made known.

“I would like to make it understood that Mr. Cavanaugh has no direct contact with our lawyer, except for answering whatever questions he has for his investigation,” said Brousseau.

“Mr. Fanning’s contact with Mr. Cavanaugh for this purpose would be just like any employee of the township,” assured Lacasse.

Trustee Tom Hawkins asked if the board could go into a closed session to discuss the matter further. Lacasse said that the board could not go into a closed session at that time, though could do so at a later date to discuss any findings made in the investigation.

“So we don’t need to know in advance what these alleged harassments are?” asked Brousseau.

“The board cannot go into closed session on its own volition.’ Lacasse. “I am not going to be getting into any specifics.”

First fair queen, a former Tecumseh resident, returns for reunion at fairgrounds

In 1962, Diane Fox was nominated by her ski club to compete in the first Lenawee County Fair Queen contest. “I remember them announcing my name and being shocked I won,” said Fox. “I was active in my town and county ski club. They are the ones that nominated me in 1962. I never expected to win.”

Fox will return to the fair 52 years later as part of a fair queen reunion set to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the fair. “I’m pretty excited about the whole thing,” said Karen Roback, one of the organizers.

“This is a very high honor for me,” Fox said.

She will join 18 other former queens participating in the 2014 Lenawee County Fair. Fox and the other queens were offered the opportunity to perform in the talent portion of the 2014 contest in addition to riding in the parade and attending the program.

“I have 19 women coming to the program,” said Roback. “Sixteen women are riding in the parade and 10 women are performing.”

Fox comes back regularly to the area to visit family and friends. Since she was back for a visit in 2013, she was not originally going to come back for the reunion.

When Fox’s daughter learned about the fair queen reunion, she insisted her mother come back. Her daughter’s family is coming with Fox to enjoy the special moment.

When Roback organized a reunion six years ago, Fox was one of the former fair queens she could not locate. For this reunion a local friend of Fox told her about the reunion and Fox called Roback with her location and current information.

“It was just so wonderful of her to come back,” Roback said. “I thought, how cool was that?”

Fox grew up in Tecumseh, and after the Lenawee County Fair in 1962 moved west to California. She lived in San Francisco for 23 years where she raised her son and daughter, and now is a proud grandmother of six grandchildren ranging in age from 12 to 23. “My family is the joy of my life,” said Fox.

VW brings back memories of 1965 for Tipton family

A winner of the Critic’s Choice Award at the Tecumseh Car and Bike Show in June, Ken Adams of Tipton has a special affection for his 1965 Volkswagon Beetle. Like most car aficionados, Adams has a reason for his lifelong love of Volkswagon vehicles.

“I think it’s because my earliest memory is of riding in a VW,” Adams said. “I loved that Bug. I got into them as a collector in 1987, when I was a student at University of Michigan.”

He remembers riding under the window of the back of his mother’s Beetle, and seeing a big semi-truck close in on the little car. His mother sold the car when he was about four-years-old, but Adams never forgot the car and was always intrigued by VWs.

“He always did love them,” said his mother, Mary Lou Willet.

The VW obsession can possibly be blamed on a neighbor of Willet’s who owned an earlier version of the Bug in black during the 1960s, and would let Willet drive the car around Adrian. After Willet’s first husband (Ken’s father) died unexpectedly in a work accident, Willet decided to purchase a car for the family, and with the help of her father, chose a 1965 pearl white VW Beetle with red interior.

“The first car that I was able to buy, I wanted a VW,” Willet said. She drove the car for two years before the poor heater made her get a car that warmed up better in the winter.

Willet remarried and her husband Bob remembers seeing her driving around Adrian in the little white pearl Bug. “I saw you riding around in the window,” he told Adams.

While Adams was a student at U of M, he needed a car, and found himself a green Bug. “He was so happy with that car, like it was a Corvette,” Willet said with a laugh.

Bill Rathbun helped Adams get the car up and running, and taught Adams the ins and outs of Volkswagon car care.

“Bill would let me stand there and watch what he did,” Adams said about his education with Rathbun. Over the years, Adams learned how to do basic maintenance and repair work on his vehicles.

Tecumseh City Council opts for millage request for road funds

In a struggle to find funds to repair and maintain local streets, the Tecumseh City Council on Monday voted to put a five-year 2.25 millage request on the November ballot. The decision was made in a 6-1 vote with councilman Ron Wimple dissenting.

The millage will raise approximately $2.5 million through the sale of bonds dedicated strictly for roadwork.

Council first voted against a second option for road funding by collecting fees for trash collection. The fees would have generated funding that could have been used for purposes other than roadwork, including the hiring of an additional police officer.

Councilmen Larry Van Alstine Jr. and Troy Wright voted in favor of the collection of trash fees, but lost support by the majority of council. Van Alstine noted that there wasn’t a department in the city that has not had funding reduced, including public safety.

Van Alstine and Wright, however, in a second motion to approve the millage levy, sided with the majority vote.

“The focus should be strictly on roads and should be addressed immediately,” said councilman Jack Baker. “Down the road, and in the near future, I believe we will be able to hire a new officer.”

Councilman Wimple said, “The concern I have is that we’re going back to the taxpayer. We need help from the state, federal and county level. Taxing our way out is not the answer.“

“Voter approved millage is the way to go,” said Baker. “We need to be transparent as to what we will do with the money.”

City Manager Kevin Welch and attorney Scott Baker will prepare the ballot language for council approval at the August 4 meeting.

If voters approve the millage request in November, a spring 2015 start date for road projects would begin, according to Welch.

In other action, council approved a resolution setting a public hearing to create a SmartZone LDFA District with the City of Adrian. The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 6, at 7:35 p.m. in council chambers.

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