Noise from Skydive Tecumseh has grown to be a ‘nuisance’

To the Editor,I have been a resident of Tecumseh for the last twelve years, residing in Herrick Park. I am 61 years old, having previously lived here in the late 60s with my parents while attending high school. Tecumseh has always had skydiving activity, which provided local interest in varied activity at the airport and we always enjoyed seeing the skydivers on a given weekend. In recent years, the Skydive Tecumseh activity has grown immensely, as have the size of the planes, frequency of takeoff and landing and subsequent increased noise level and duration as a result of that increased activity. Now it’s a nuisance we can no longer escape or ignore no matter how hard we try. Every weekend at least six months of the year, noise is our constant companion. Whether it’s the deafening roar of a takeoff or landing, or the constant drone of the circling planes as they gain altitude or dive in descent before culminating in a deafening run at treetop level as they come in for a landing. Not only is any sense of peace destroyed, but any activity in the yard or patio is accompanied by the constant drone of engine noise and the frequent roar of the strafing run! During the peak summer months, takeoff/landing is as frequent as every 20 minutes. Any dream of a quiet afternoon enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of our own yard is simply that… a dream… and forget about the luxury of an afternoon nap even with the windows closed!I returned to Tecumseh with the hope of escaping the noise and hustle of the city. I moved here from Ypsilanti Township in fairly close proximity to Willow Run Airport. Willow Run noise was not an issue by comparison. However, living in Herrick Park is similar to living at the end of a commercial airport runway. Mix that noise with the train whistles in town on a summer/fall weekend and it’s a miracle all of us aren’t deaf.Calls to the businesses have indicated some sympathy but they state they are at the whims of the prevailing wind, which should indicate that takeoff and landing would be from different directions. This is not the case, as both occur primarily over the neighborhood. I would think takeoffs/landings to the north would be preferable whenever possible as there is much less residential development, but the larger planes with their heavier loads have trouble clearing trees at that end of the airport property. Maybe the “premier skydiving center in Michigan” has outgrown its close proximity to the city residents, more likely, we may need to find a new home, away from “the drop zone” if we intend to enjoy any time outdoors in the mild weather months.Christopher DesmetTecumseh

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