Couple urge support of Jim Cottrell for state representative

To the Editor,

We would like to encourage citizens of the 57th District to support Jim Cottrell for our next State Representative.

Jim has a deep concern for our country and has been actively involved with issues in our city and state, which threaten our freedoms.

Recently Jim spent the day with conservative legislators in Lansing regarding what is happening in and around Michigan. One topic addressed was the gender identity bathroom push, which seems to be advanced by State Board of Education President John Austin who has been in contact with the Obama administration. Most parents are outraged by the “guidelines” set up by the State Board of Education.

We appreciate Jim’s being proactive on current issues, addressing one of his pledges “to keep gender identity issues out of schools,” and not waiting until he becomes a legislator to tackle these problems.

Those of us who are familiar with the U.S. Constitution and the 10th Amendment are very aware that President Obama, by his transgender bathroom directive for schools, is attempting to usurp authority, which doesn’t belong to him.

Jim’s pledge: “I will defend and uphold the U.S. and State of Michigan Constitutions and protect our rights of freedom.”

You can contact Jim at

Please join us in voting for Jim Cottrell for State Representative on Tuesday, August 2.


Dick and Barb Hall



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