Couple visit home built in 1955 ahead of Promenade tour


Marian and Raymond Stockinger are pictured inside their former residence on Carson Hwy. Photo by Megan Linski.

High school sweethearts Raymond and Marian Stockinger were looking for a house in 1955. After graduating from Manchester High School, Raymond got a job working at the Tecumseh Products when he and his wife began searching for a place to raise their family. They found a 50s style ranch home on 16 acres of woodland at 9561 Carson Hwy., though it wasn’t pristine. The house was a shell and needed extensive work on the floors, windows and walls.

The Stockingers recently had a chance to visit their old home, which will be featured on this year’s Promenade Home Tour.

“We took it without anything,” Raymond said. “It was all boarded up. This house was a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

Raymond eventually restored the house. He and Marian had three children: Debra, Ernie and Pam. They lived in the home for 40 years before moving out in 1995 after they struggled to keep up with the landscaping. It passed through a few owners before falling into the hands of Emily and Michael Andrews in 2012. The Andrews lived in Tecumseh for 12 years before looking for a 50s ranch style home for their family. It took several months before they found the one on Carson Highway.

“We were looking for a house that someone hadn’t modernized,” Emily said.

Emily professed she and Michael adore the 50s style. When she was four years old, Emily remembers wearing 50s style clothes and listening to the music of that era, becoming drawn to 1950s furniture and cars as she grew older.

“I swear I was born in the wrong age,” Emily said. “I like the futuristic fifties. It’s space age. It’s more fun.”

Emily and Michael have redecorated the home completely in 1950s décor, from the kitchen, to the living room and even the bedrooms.

On May 17, Emily invited Raymond and Marian to tour the new renovations. Raymond, 90 years old, and Marian, 89, appreciate the work Emily has put into their old home.

“This was my pride and joy, this little old fireplace,” Raymond said as he pointed to the living room fireplace, now decorated with a new mantle and Tiki art. “This house is so immaculate.”

Marian recalls how she used to entertain guests frequently while she was living in the home. “We had parties for everything,” Marian said. “Lots of reunions too.”

“We loved being outside. As hard as this house was, we never gave up on it,” Raymond said. “As a boy who grew up milking cows by hand, I could’ve never imagined in life where I’d end up. They kept the house as it was, but made it marvelous.”

The residence is featured on this year’s Promenade Home Tour. Tickets for the tour are $12 per person in advance at the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce, Schmidt & Sons Pharmacy, The Daily Grind, The British Tea Pantry, What a Find! and Carnegie Studios. Tickets are $15 per person during the day of the tour. Commerce at 423.3740.


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