JCC ballot proposal would increase taxes on county residents

To the Editor,

Jackson College is proposing a November 8, 2016 ballot tax issue to raise monies to expand its presence in Lenawee County. This proposal is expected to provide $3.6 million annually and will incorporate Lena-wee County into the existing Jackson College Tax District by expanding the district’s borders.  

The proposal is for a charter millage in perpetuity, structured as a permanent ongoing tax with no expiration date.

I am against adding layers of taxation onto property owners that may only benefit a small portion of the residents at the expense of all property owners.

The information sent to all residents by Jackson College states the proposed Lenawee Strong initiative may provide the following benefits:

    • Reduce tuition and commute time for Lenawee County students

    • Expand curriculum to include high-demand programs currently offered at Jackson College’s central campus

    • Add/expand programs in dual-enrollment, agriculture, culinary arts, sports management and dental hygiene

    • Support non-traditional students including veterans and re-training for new careers

    • Offer internships and externships

    • Eliminate the need for students to go out of Lenawee with the expanded programs

    • Support entrepreneurship and business start-ups, increase

well-paying jobs, and provide customized workforce training including support of local agricultural and manufacturing sectors

The tax payer funded expansion of Jackson College within Lenawee may also provide other benefits including community meeting places, learning resources and library resources.

Are these stated benefits not already available to Lenawee

residents through the combination of all higher education programs within Lenawee? Adrian College, Siena Heights University and the current programs offered through Jackson College’s Adrian campus already provide highly diversified academic programs.  

Also, if there are other programs that are in high-demand at Jackson College’s central campus, wouldn’t there be a benefit to Jackson College to offer these in Lenawee County even without taxpayer subsidizing its costs?

Another question that needs answered is “how will the tax millage funds be used?” Specifically, how much will be used to pay for land and buildings, student scholarships and grants,

educators and staff or other funding needs? It would be

interesting to see what portion actually makes it back to the students to help reduce their costs. The information shared by Jackson College to all county residents makes no commitments regarding this matter.

As stated earlier, I am against adding layers of taxation onto all county property owners that may only benefit a few residents.

Will subsidizing Jackson College’s expansion through a new property tax truly provide benefits currently not available to Lenawee County residents or students? This is a luxury item and not a necessity.

Russell Mead

Raisin Township


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