Residents should have opportunity to raise backyard chickens

To the Editor,

I’m a resident who supports the backyard chicken proposal, but I’m not interested in having chickens. I am interested in buying eggs from backyard chicken owners, as I’ve done for several years. Tecumseh residents should have an opportunity to raise chickens and enjoy fresh eggs.

Tecumseh has a chance to pass this proposal and become like other progressive communities who have backyard chickens. Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Toledo and Chelsea all have ordinances allowing backyard chickens.

I encourage residents to vote yes on the backyard chicken proposal on November 3. I applaud the organizers for going through all the channels to get this proposal on the ballot. The proposal is well written and offers an environmentally safe and responsible path to backyard chicken ownership. It’s a wonderful civics lesson for our community.

Ronda Cheever


Tecumseh Herald


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