Supporters of backyard chicken issue should show up to vote

To the Editor,

I hope you find this letter before November 3. I want to thank you again for all the support we have received over the past year on backyard chickens. I am always one to brag about my city and even more so as I went around town getting to know each of you.

Thank you for all the encouraging words. Now I have one last favor to ask of you Tecumseh. Now is the time to show up to the polls, it isn’t enough to have well meaning intentions. Now is the time for your voice to be heard. Now is the time to let the council know that we do have the votes and support of this community. Without you we will surely fail.

City council should never have put this burden on you as a voter. They decided to take the cowards way out. To vote “present” instead of standing up for what is right. City council is there to not only hear the majority but to protect the minority. To make decisions based on liberty and freedom, not their personal preferences.

There have been legitimate concerns that have been raised by some of those in the community about backyard chickens. All have been met with sound research and practical examples of success not only in our local area, but across the country.

Again, I do know that we have had your support for many months. Yet it will not be successful without you going to the polls and voting. Don’t leave it up to your neighbor and I will see you on November 3.

Thank you.

Tommy Hawkins


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