Voters must act to protect against spending and taxes

To the Editor,

A case for Donald Trump:

A humiliation in 1976, Gerald Ford was defeated by Jimmy Carter when the Grand Old Party refused to run Reagan. He was considered to be too conservative and outside the Establishment. 

After his first landslide victory, President Reagan did not parse out the blame for the failed leadership of Jimmy Carter. By 1985 the country would be at peace and inflation would fade. 

In spite of the cold war, Ronald Reagan gave us reasons to feel like winners again. Patriotism was back, and we were unashamed to be called Americans.  

Refueled by capitalism, Reagan knew how to ride that wave for global leadership.   But his populism was more pragmatic, and few of us doubted his resolve to deliver on the campaign promises:

 “We must act now to protect future generations from Government’s desire to spend its citizens’ money and tax them into servitude when the bills come due.” (1985 Inaugural Address)

Then as now, the polls whisper of a Trump nomination in 2016. Voters are weary of the pandering talking points and Democrats. The mandate for President Trump is to resolve the bureaucracy, seal our borders and protect our freedom. That would be a case for presidential greatness. Again.

Rebecca Templeman



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