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Dan Swallow, recently appointed city manager of Tecumseh, is working with the city council to determine priorities for 2016. Swallow was the former director of economic and community development for Monroe before accepting the city manager position in November.

“A few things have become a priority for me,” Swallow said. “My number one goal is to maintain a positive reputation in the city. The city is viewed as a partner to meet the needs of existing business and potential investors. So far, Tecumseh has a very good reputation as far as being cooperative and working hard with private investing partners. I want to ensure that continues across all city departments.”

Swallow said he wants to provide more opportunities for residents in terms of employment, and renew the city’s commitment to infrastructure and equipment. “Unfortunately, through economic downturn, some of these things are set aside,” Swallow said. “The residents have helped out a great deal and so we want to look at our water, sewer, city buildings and other facilities.”

Being fiscally responsible is also of importance, Swallow said. “The city has done a good job maintaining a balanced budget and funding, so we want to make sure we’re continually vigilant,” he said. “The prior administration maintained a balanced budget. Now we should scrutinize all expenses and look at other potential revenue structures and rates.”

The sale and use of the former Tecumseh Products is another interest item on Swallow’s agenda. “Certainly there’s been a focus on the Tecumseh Products site,” Swallow said. “We’re working on getting redevelopment ready, working with the Environmental Protection Agency and committing to a potential developer to make sure its redevelopment ready.”

Swallow said there is still a purchase agreement for the property, and the city is working through environmental concerns so the purchaser can move through with their plans. Swallow said no more information can be given at this time. 

“Some of the over-arching goals are to partner with others for development opportunities,” Swallow said. “The city made a strong investment in the Tecumseh Business and Technology Campus, and it’s a high priority to start taking advantage of the investment the city has already made.”

Swallow said that he is eager to serve the city of Tecumseh, and is looking forward to working with city council to better the lives of residents and businesses in the city. “It was one of my longer career goals to become city manager,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to become manager of a community with a great reputation, and a stable and supportive council.”


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