Tecumseh Planning Commission begins work on six-year plan


The Tecumseh Planning Commission is moving forward with evaluating projects that could be paid for by the capital improvements program, according to city manager Dan Swallow. The capital improvements program is for projects with a budget more than $5,000 and with a useful life of five years or more. These projects must be planned for ahead of time, and include road, building, and water department expenses, as well as large equipment expenses that involve coordination between multiple departments. These projects would span over the next six years.

“We want to start with the budgeting process, and that’s the reason why the planning commission is involved,” Swallow said. “We want to put these projects in a long term comprehensive plan.”

The proposed Six-Year Capital Improvement Program addresses the future and immediate needs of the community. The planning commission hopes to organize these projects into a master plan for the city, while simultaneously ensuring that city council has the budget for those specific items. Council wants to ensure while implementing the six-year program there is still money left over for the operational expenses of the city and personnel costs, Swallow said.

Some of the projects recommended by the planning commission include personal computer replacements, parking lot repairs, purchase of a new Ford Explorer, a new fingerprinting system, upgrading the car camera system for the Tecumseh Police Department (TPD), money for equipment regarding emergency services and various water and sewer projects.

“The most significant amount would be for street construction,” Swallow said. “We’re looking at sidewalk repair and replacement, and a small tractor for the cemetery as well as a new dump truck.”

In the plan, $781,000 is proposed for local and major road repair. The water and sewer funds proposed $155,000, while the general fund proposes $149,600, with $53,600 of that fund allotted for the TPD for the new police car, fingerprinting system and cameras. The equipment fund proposes $210,000, with $35,000 of that fund allotted to fund the multi-use compact tractor for the cemetery and $175,000 for a new dump truck for the Public Works Department.

New bathrooms and disc golf at Tecumseh Park have been recommended by the Parks and Recreation Department, but not by the planning commission at this time.

The city has managed to save some money in their fuel budget this year due to low gas prices, but the money saved will be used for other expenditures for the city, and not be incorporated into the six-year program. “The majority of the fuel costs came in below budget, but some costs went up in operation, so those funds will be relocated to other areas,” Swallow said.


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